Free shipping for orders over RM200.00Peninsular Malaysia
0% Interest Installment Available

1. What is Shopback ?

  • It's a plan to offer customers to buy now and pay later (BNPL) – 3 equal installments over 3 months with 0% interest.


2. How about the fees ?

  • No. There are not including any sign-up fee, no processing fee, no admin fees, mark-ups, or hidden charges. It's totally free for the end consumer. 


3. What are the requirements for using Shopback ?

  • A Malaysian IC (MyKad) or Passport with a FIN number (for foreigners)
  • A mobile number issued with a Malaysia prefix (+60)
  • A valid email address
  • Credit card/debit card issued by a financial institution


4. What types of cards can use ?

  • We accept both debit & credit cards (Visa or MasterCard) issued by the financial institution (bank).


5. How do place an order?

  • Download the Shopback app and create an account
  • Get the things you want at your favourite store and scan the QR code.



  • Enter the total amount and pay only 1/3 today
  • Voilà! The remaining payment will be deducted monthly with no interest or fees — enjoy your hoolah purchase!



6. How to sign up for an account ?

  • Download the Shopback app and create an account directly from the app;

  • Click on the button "Complete your details" on the homepage in order to complete the account registration.